Intern Labor Rights aims to raise awareness to the exploitation of unpaid laborers. We have experienced firsthand the detrimental effects of a practice whereby workers contribute to their employers’ success but receive no wages in compensation. This has been enabled by the emergence of an “intern” labor market that operates without a set of consistent policies. Such unpaid internships are often in direct violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act (1938) and subsequent U.S. Department of Labor guidelines including Fact Sheet #71.

In this era of historic inequality, class divide, skyrocketing student debt and persistent unemployment—all of which are compounded by the widespread acceptance of unpaid internships— we call to an end of the exploitative practice of unpaid internships: Pay your interns.

How to Get in Touch with Us:

For further information on the rights of unpaid interns and on ways to get involved in our actions to raise awareness to this issue, contact us at intern.labor.rights@gmail.com.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Intern Labor Rights meets Sunday evenings, please visit our Facebook page for updates on meeting locations. Everyone is welcome to attend a meeting!


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