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Irony = A Staffing Co. Staffing Itself with Unpaid Labor

The irony runs thick when a company for job hunters and employers staffs itself with unpaid labor, apparently believing that offering college credit means they don’t have to pay wages, even though the company is “experiencing exponential growth” and this is clearly meant to meet their own labor needs:

As one of the hottest startups in the tri-state area, you’ll join an exciting team in a fun and highly productive environment that’s currently experiencing exponential growth! The Social Media Coordinator Intern will report directly to the Social Media Manager, and will also have the opportunity to work with the Marketing and Branded Content managers. You’ll be helping handle Purzue’s social media efforts from the top down, tracking campaign results and engaging with users on a daily basis. This is NOT a coffee making position! We encourage our interns to be as active as possible in the company. You’ll be participating in weekly meeting and helping to determine the voice of the brand, while learning the essentials of managing a corporate social media account. We’re a fun (and quirky) group of entrepreneurial go-getters so be prepared to work and play hard during your time here!

Do employers honestly not see something peculiar about hiring people and getting away with not paying them simply by slapping “intern” on the job description? Do they think that labor laws give them some kind of “freebie” for using a magic word?