Interns: Know Your Rights! Outreach at NYU Kimmel Thursday 9/6 11AM-3PM

NYU students: Your Labor is Valuable!

NYU’s Wasserman Center for Career Development promotes their Fall Job + Internship Fair as “our largest fair of the year,” which “attracts NYU students of various majors interested in part-time and full-time opportunities as well as internships.”

While universities cultivate relationships with employers, offering inexpensive or free labor in exchange for legitimizing overhead-free credits, they neglect to inform their students of their due from the internship: a significant educational experience, and in certain cases, pay. Many students haven’t been exposed to an alternative view of the internship experience, one that takes account of the broader implications of the internship economy into which their school presses them.

Join us outside the Kimmel Center (60 Washington Sq. South, between LaGuardia Place and Thomspon St.) during the hours of the Internship Fair (11AM–3PM). We’ll be talking to anyone who’s curious about the rights of interns and the effects of internships on the workforce. We’ll also be handing out flyers, and distributing our outrageously popular “Pay Your Interns” pins!


One thought on “Interns: Know Your Rights! Outreach at NYU Kimmel Thursday 9/6 11AM-3PM

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