Unpaid Security internships at an auction house! WTF.

For a company that made $145.5 million just this week, we find it particularly appalling that they offer unpaid internships. Where does the greediness end? And to offer an unpaid position in its SECURITY department nonetheless! Christie’s, don’t you want the individuals you hire to safeguard the works you sell for millions of dollars to feel respected? Paying them would be a good start.

Christie’s Fall 2012 Security Internship


New York, NY

Christie’s is currently accepting applications for an unpaid Fall internship with the Security department that exposes students to the operations of an auction house and the art industry through hands-on experience during their fall semester.

Christie’s Security Department is entrusted with safeguarding highly valuable property and ensuring the safety of our employees, clients and visitors. Security is the business of everyone who works for Christie’s and is not the responsibility of the Security Department alone. Christie’s takes its responsibilities for matters relating to security very seriously.

Wherever we operate around the world, we maintain effective security procedures in all areas of our operations to protect our staff, our clients, our clients’ property, and our reputation for excellence as the world’s leading art business.

Primary responsibilities may include but are not limited to:
-Data Entry
-Assist with maintaining spreadsheets for department statistics
-Update Emergency Management Notification Database
-Shadow Security Personnel to gain understanding of department
-Special Projects, as assigned

General internship length for this program is 14 weeks. All internships require a commitment of approximately 20 hours per week during the fall semester.

Fall Internship Dates: September 4, 2012-December 7, 2012*

Fall Internship Deadline: August 3, 2012**

*Note: These are the minimum dates required. Interns may make special arrangements with their department for any schedule adjustments or extensions.

**Note: Applications may be accepted past the deadline if any positions remain unfilled. However, it is strongly advised to complete and send in your application well in advance of August 3rd to avoid last-minute computer crashes.

In addition to working in assigned departments, interns also attend orientation, auctions, organized intern events, and a presentation given by Human Resources on networking, interviewing techniques, and resume-writing tips. Interns graduating within the next 12 months will receive an exit interview with Human Resources.

International Candidates:
International students may apply for a U.S. internship as long as they are degree-seeking, have a letter of acknowledgement from their school, and have the necessary Visa status. Christie’s does not sponsor Visas for student interns. Eligibility will be determined on a case by case basis.

19th Century Furniture & Decorative Art

• All interns must be degree-seeking candidates currently enrolled in school
• The internship must be relevant to the student’s current course of study
• Interns must provide a letter from the school confirming that they are receiving school credit for this program
• Provide a letter of acknowledgement from the school recognizing the internship if credit is not offered.
• Interns must sign an agreement to complete the full duration of the internship*
• All intern applicants must apply online through Christies.com at http://www.christies.com/about/careers/americas/ and complete the application titled “Fall 2012 Security Internship”

*Please be mindful of your school schedule and course load before applying for an internship. If you will not be able to balance the internship with your academic commitments, you may want to consider our Summer program or our Winternship 2012-2013 program, which takes place over students’ winter break.

Qualification Requirements:
• Willingness to help out when needed
• Upperclassman (Junior or Senior) majoring in Security Management or Criminal Justice, with a strong interest in the arts
• Independent worker and self-starter
• Excellent computer skills (Excel and Microsoft Word)
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, including superior written and spoken communication
• Superior client service skills
• Ability to remain calm in stressful situations
• Demonstrated ability to multi-task and prioritize
• Strong follow-up skills with attention to detail
• Good research and writing skills


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