We all know how to answer phones and run errands

This internship requires knowledge of art history, yet in the description of responsibilities there is no mention of art, artists, or exhibitions. What this gallery needs is an administrative assistant, not an intern.  We all know how to answer the phone and run errands. An internship is an educational experience.

LIO MALCA gallery
(New York NY)
LIO MALCA gallery is currently seeking for full time or part-time interns, preferably students in Art History and Arts Administration programs with great writing and research skills.

Responsibilities will include but will not be limited to assisting with:

• General and daily errands
• Keeping the gallery clean and organized
• Ordering supplies
• Administrative tasks such as answering phones, filing, helping organize and maintaining the gallery’s archive and storage systems.
• Updating devices with archives and available works
• Updating the website
• Light art handling
The ideal candidate should be enterprising and articulate, with the ability to handle whatever task is presented to them with efficiency and poise. Organizational skills, attention to detail, are required as well as strong computer skills.

Email resume and cover letter to: info@liomalca.com


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